The Royalty CupThe Royalty Cup

The Royalty Cup 

Once upon a time in a dusty attic there lay a rather large silver trophy, unloved, dented and dull it had no purpose but was filled with potential.

Given to the Carnival in 1962 by Edwards Funfair it needed a reason to exist and the job fell to a fair maiden to make this happen.

She enlisted the help of her woodland animal friends, a Cobbler’s Bench and a local carpenter Derek Clarke and in no time the trophy was restored to its former glory.

It was deemed worthy to be given the title 'The Royalty Cup' and was to be awarded to the fairest in the land by the Carnival Royalty.

After much debate and conversation by the Royalty the fairest in the land was agreed upon.

In the year of our Queen 2014 it was presented to Lady Annabel Devlin a true Belle of the Ball Who had adorned the Royalty in jewelled crowns and elegant finery.

In the year of our Queen 2015 it was bestowed upon Sir Andrew of York creator and keeper of photographic images extraordinaire for his tireless efforts in all things carnival related.

The finest blooms in the land were fashioned into posies and given to each member of the Royalty by 'Flowers in Focus' and they were deemed worthy of the Royalty cup in the year 2016 which pleased Sir Mark no end.

In this current year of 2017 much debate was had and it was decided that the Royalty cup should be awarded to the wonderful jewellers since the Jewels which adorned the Royalty each year were given, with such love and generosity, by 'West Country Jewellers'. It was the pride of the town due to the glitz and glamour it showcased and the wonderful staff who always went that extra mile.

The townspeople rejoiced and much dancing and merriment followed, and they all lived happily ever after.

The End